Some of my previous projects are under non-disclosure agreements. Contact me for a detailed portfolio.


πŸ• 2021-present πŸ“ Berlin, Germany

Working as a multidisciplinary product designer in a high pace startup environment, I took an impactful role in shaping a complex product from early stage to a sophisticated platform. My journey with seedtrace has consisted of UX research, strategy work, building a visual brand, composing and maintaining a design system, and developing many features together with a talented product team.

Lead product designer


πŸ• Spring 2019 πŸ“ Stockholm, Sweden

Winning concept of Hack for Sweden 2019. Medical non-compliance is estimated to cost Sweden 10-20 billion kr per year. Theo supports people with chronic illness in their treatment plan and simultaneously collects data of non-compliance, so we can learn more about why people are not taking their medication. Try the prototype on tablet or desktop here. Want to keep this ball rolling? Let me know!

UX & UI designer
Front-end developer

Telia Smart Family

πŸ• 2018-2019 πŸ“ Stockholm, Sweden

Working as a UX designer in a cross-functional team from Daresay, I was part of developing Telias connected home strategy. The project included designing a mobile application for the family and their smart home, making everyday life safe and easy. I was also part of experimenting with B2B services and exploring a concept for having better control of your home within housing cooperatives. See more details in this Case study from my time with Telia.

UX & UI designer


πŸ• Fall 2018 πŸ“ Stockholm, Sweden

Winning concept of #NowWhat Hackathon 2018. The hackathon was about innovating solutions to the #MeToo problems and we chose to target norms of masculinity. Empathize is an educational and interactive roleplaying game that aims to proactively teach boys in their younger teens to empathize with girls by letting them experience everyday situations from another perspective. Empathize benefits well-proven methods of empathy-builiding exercises with a scalable platform. Find a little demo within the pitch deck here. Want to keep this ball rolling? Let me know!

UX & UI designer


πŸ• Spring & Summer 2017 πŸ“ UmeΓ₯, Sweden

Mio is a chatbot developed for slack. A prototype for helping companies find personalized office space relevant to their specific needs. Created as part of my master thesis project. The slack API consumes a node.js webservice with a connected postgres database and the natural language processing was created with DialogFlow. See more here.

Chatbot designer
Back-end developer

amazing gif


πŸ• Fall 2016 πŸ“ UmeΓ₯, Sweden

A project with the Swedish television company SVT. A mobile app prototype transforming video streaming behaviour into a more social experience, by gamification. See more. You can also read about the project here.

UX & UI designer


πŸ• Fall 2016 πŸ“ UmeΓ₯, Sweden

This IoT experiment is a real-time communication system for keeping the user in control of an automated smart home. This by enabling the user to for example change screen of an ongoing video with just a pinch of two fingers. The system uses arduino movement sensors to be aware of the context and provides a user with the option of switching screens when for example entering a new room. A web app and android app was implemented to examplify a scenario with two different devices while the pinchy system is a Nodejs service. Check out the code project here.

UI designer
Full-stack developer


πŸ• Winter 2014 πŸ“ UmeΓ₯, Sweden

Winner of Uminova hackathon with an open challenge of digital transformation. Our prototype aimed to improve cooking instructions. We built a web application to prototype a different cooking experience. Online recipies are often complex to follow and adopts the same layout as the tradtional book-form medium. We were aiming for a better experience where you can easily follow a timeline and complete one single step at the time, instructions and ingredients all together. See the prototype here.

UI designer
Front-end Developer